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Spring 2017 Exhibitions

OPENING PUBLIC RECEPTION: Feb. 3, 2017, 4 - 7 p.m.

Dates are subject to change: for additional information or to check a date,
call (618) 453-5388

Special Event: A Night at the Museum

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University Museum Gallery Pub Crawl

Join us from 5-7 p.m. April 8 for a fun evening at the University Museum. Meet with artists & explore our innovative exhibits all while tasting locally brewed beer! Tickets can be purchased at the door for $20 per person.

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New Exhibitions

Sketch of female figureKay M. Pick Zivkovich: Triple Narratives: Landscapes/Figures/Fish

Exhibit: January 17 - May 10
Reception: February 3, 4 - 7 p.m.

Kay Pick Zivkovich, printmaker and educator presents three narratives exploring landscapes, figures, and fish in her upcoming exhibition. The collection of work takes the form of prints, drawings and paintings using color to interpret and transform the beauty of nature and its elements to compose a mood or feeling one might relate to. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout the Midwest, nationally and internationally. Professor Zivkovich teaches in the Design program and has served as Associate and Interim Director in SIU School of Art and Design.

(Photo: Shawn Vaughn)

conservation of antique drumConserving the Museum’s Collection: Become a Contributor to Saving Damaged Works that Need Conservation

Exhibit: January 17 - May 10
Reception: February 3, 4 - 7 p.m.

The University Museum invites You to support the ongoing conservation work in the collection. Any collection as old as the Museum’s, that’s 143 years old, has works that came to us in poor condition. Often the damage was inadvertent, and often it was caused by many years of use. Sometimes it was damaged by environmental problems – a smoking environment, exposure to water, exposure to high light levels.

In April 2016, the Museum invited two conservators from the nationally respected Chicago Conservation Center.  They spoke to our Museum Studies classes and then examined some of the works in the collection. Come see what it costs to conserve different kinds of work – from University President Delyte Morris’ Eames chair to a Civil War drum rich in Southern Illinois history. In this exhibit we present their professional critiques of the works’ condition, what is needed, and what it will cost.

Marlene RiveroThe Civil War: What Was & What Is: Interpretations by Marlene Rivero

Exhibit: January 17 - May 10
Reception: February 3, 4 - 7 p.m.

Born on the family farm in rural Grand Chain, Illinois, Marlene Rivero received her B.S. from the School of Forestry at Southern Illinois University in 1977.  She worked professionally with the United States Forest Service until retirement in 2011. Her artistic talent became apparent when she began studying oil painting and 3D sculpture art classes at Shawnee College in 2015.  She has exhibited her paintings and sculpture extensively.

In 2016, Rivero traveled the state of Illinois with her paintings and sculptures, which she incorporated into her one-person drama program focusing on Ann Strokes, an African American Civil War Nurse.  Rivero’s art celebrates American people, the life altering events they encountered, and the heritage they came out of in both her paintings and as a storyteller.  She believes that sharing behind the scenes emotions of voiceless African American life is a way to remember their history using the arts. 

Hot and Cold: Two Immersive Galleries

Exhibit: January 17 - May 10
Reception: February 3, 4 - 7 p.m.

The Museum staff has selected works on two sensations: hot and cold.   We won’t tell you what we showcase in these rooms – you will just need to experience for yourself.

Jeremy Crawford holding bowProducts of One’s Environment: The Works of Jeremy Crawford and His Art Students from Cobden High School

Exhibit: January 17 - May 10
Reception: February 3, 4 - 7 p.m.

Jeremy Crawford is a Southern Illinois native, currently residing in Carbondale in a log cabin that dates back to the 1850s.  He notes, “Being an outdoor enthusiast plays a large role in the art I teach and create. My personal work currently consists of sculpture, woodworking, ceramics and printmaking. I graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2010, with a Bachelor in Science and a minor in Art History. I am a first-year Art Teacher at Cobden Unit School. I was fortunate to secure a position at a school district that is very supportive of the arts. I hope to expand an already strong art program here at Cobden. Moving forward, I am eager to become more involved in the local art community and beyond.”  Come see what Jeremy and his students have created.


RECEPTIONS: to be announced

Each year the University Museum presents the work of some of the School of Art and Design’s Masters of Fine Arts candidates.  Their thesis shows present the culmination of three years in their various art fields.

Zoe Nicholson, (Painting), Mar 31-Apr 8
Rebecca Zink (Metals), Mar 31-Apr 8

Andy Holliday (Printmaking), April 14 - 22
JLW (James Webb) (Ceramics), April 14 - 22

Bryan Beck (Glass), Apr 28-May 5
Yen Ting Chiu (Ceramics), Apr 28-May 5


Wars of the 20th Century & Their Impact on Southern Illinois

Exhibit: through March 10

Memorabilia of the Presidents of the 20th Century from the Jerome M. Mileur Collection

Exhibit: through April 28

Dire Wolf skullThe Study Gallery

This semester faculty from the School of Art and Design and the German Department have selected objects from the Museum’s Collection for their students to study “up close and personal.”  The Museum is also showing works by the late Milton Sullivan who served as a professor and director of the School of Art Design for many years.  Finally, as some prepare to watch the latest season of Game of Thrones on T.V., we present the skull of a dire wolf (Canis Aenocyon dirus Leidy).  Canis dirus was named by Joseph Leidy in 1858.  The first specimen of what would become later associated with dirus was found in the summer of 1854 at Evansville, Indiana when the Ohio River was low.  The real dire wolf wasn’t quite as large as portrayed on television.

Sneak Preview

In 2018, the State of Illinois celebrates its centennial year.  The Museum staff is beginning work on a permanent “Welcome to Southern Illinois” gallery.  Come get a sneak preview and share your ideas of what should be included in this new space.  We hope to open the gallery in Fall 2017.