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Aluminum, Anondized

Sharp Museum Sculpture Garden

Faner Hall

Robert W. Michelmann

Michelmann is a St. Louis based sculptor and in 1990 he founded the Soulard Fine Arts Building which houses studio spaces for artist in the city. He earned an Associate Degree in Business at St. Louis Community College at Meramec and in 1991 received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture at Webster University.

In his artist statement he states, “Process and dichotomy-especially the process, by which dichotomies can be revealed, explored, and sometimes resolved-are the central concerns of my art. My work explores opposition and how points of contradiction might be brought into balance, if not unity. Using curved and straight lines, I represent movement and change in the two or more aspects of whatever tension I am considering. My medium is metal, it is tactile, the surface can be textured: welding metal is meditative, conducive to contemplation; metal is strong; and metal is relatively permanent. Metal is only as permanent as anything physical can be, the temporary and eternal presenting another polarity I address- and which I hope my art leads its viewers to consider with me.”