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This collection of sculpture represents some twenty plus pieces of artwork located on our Carbondale campus. Many of the pieces have identifying markers listing Art-In-Architecture Program or Art Capital Development, State of Illinois. The Illinois General Assembly created this program as part of the Capital Development Board in 1977. The purpose is the promotion and preservation of the arts by securing suitable works of art for the adornment of public buildings constructed or subjected to major renovation by the state or which utilize State funds.

Artists are selected and commissions are awarded based upon the recommendations of a committee made up of community members, art professionals, the project architect, and representatives of the using agency where the work will be located.

"Delyte Morris"

Fredda Brilliant

Delyte Morris (1907-1982) became president of Southern Illinois University in 1948-1970. During his leadership, he transformed the university from a teacher’s college into a research university.

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"Paul and Virginia"

Duplicate statue Bronze and Copper in a Fountain

Jacques Henri-Bernardin, the French writer best known for Paul et Virginie, a short novel about innocent love often associated with the themes of The Enlightment, about two childhood friends who later fall in love.

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"Thunder Stone Blue"

Michael Dunbar

According to Dunbar, a thunderstone is an object hurled to earth by lightning and thunder. It also references the hammer of Thor, god of thunder.

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Richard Hunt

Hunt is recognized as the foremost African-American abstract sculptor and artist of public sculpture has remained unchallenged.

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"AV-Yellow Lozenger"

Ernest Trova

Ernest Trova born in Clayton, Missouri. Self-trained American surrealist and pop-art painter and sculptor.

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Robert W. Michelmann

Michelmann is a St. Louis based sculptor and in 1990 he founded the Soulard Fine Arts Building which houses studio spaces for artist in the city.

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"The Memphis Bench"

James A. Wallace

The Memphis Bench was installed in 1986 and is made of cast iron and red oak. The supports consist of several smiling blue garfish and its name Memphis is part of the cast supports.

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Kent Hilgenbrinck

Hilgenbrinck’s “Untitled” sculpture was installed in 1983 and is made of torch-cut steel. He was a recipient of the 1983 Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award.

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Aldon Addington

Addington’s “Untitled” abstract sculpture is 20 foot in height, made of forged and welded steel. It was forged here at the SIUC foundry.

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Colby Parsons-O’Keefe

“Worm” is a ceramic work created in 1997 and was one of the “Seat Art” competition winners sponsored by the Sharp Museum.

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"Oval Forest Nest"

Dan Johnson

Oval Forest Nest is a steel sculpture that was one of the “Seat Art” competition winners sponsored by the Sharp Museum and installed in 1997.

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Ernest Trova

Trova’s “AV-A-7” sculpture was made in 1977 and installed in the sculpture garden in 1980. The artist left evidence of his hand work in the welded seams and visible bolts.

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"Dorothy Morris"

Erin Palmer

This statue of Dorothy Morris, wife of Dr. Delyte Morris, President of Southern Illinois University from 1948 to 1970. Mrs. Morris is regarded equally as important in the history of Southern Illinois University.

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"Memorial to Victims of 1925 Great Tornado"

William Robert Youngman

This concrete sculpture was commissioned by the State of Illinois’ Percent for Art Program and installed in 1991.The artist pays tribute to the 695 confirmed fatalities of the Tri-State tornado that tracked across southern Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

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"Forever Saluki"

John Medwedeff and Megan Robin-Abbott

These three Salukis, fashioned in a running formation represent the past, present and future students here at Southern Illinois University on the Carbondale campus.

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"Mitotic Geometry"

Christiane T. Martens

This bright red sculpture was installed in 1995 as part of the State of Illinois’ Art-in-Architecture program. The artist’s signature can be found in the lower panel on the left-hand side.

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Gene Horvath

Horvath was born in Columbus, Ohio. He was an Art Director in Chicago, Nebraska and Rockford, Illinois. After thirty-five years as an art administrator, he turned to sculpture as his main medium and career.

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Scott M. Wallace

“Reaper” was commissioned by the State of Illinois Percent for Art Program and installed in 1983. The acquisition and installation were part of the new Law Building that opened in 1981.

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"Bridge 5"

Edward McCullough

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, McCullough’s roots run deep in the city. McCullough attended Illinois State and earned both his BA and MA degrees in Art.

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John Medwedeff

“Momentum” was commissioned by the Illinois Capital Development Board, Illinois Percent for Art Program and installed in 2004. Medwedeff explains “that each sculpture is a narrative of structure.

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Garry Newton

“Saluki” is an original cast bronze sculpture by Newton who is a noted animal sculptor and Saluki breeder. Newton is also a printmaker known for his canine work.

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"Ernest J. & Mary C. Simon Terrace"

Renee Prusacki-Designer

Ms. Prusacki earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Studies in 2002 from SIUC and her Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2004.

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"Wings of Knowledge"

Evan Lewis

In 2005, “Wings of Knowledge was commissioned to augment the extensive renovation of Morris Library. Evan Lewis has been producing and exhibiting his outdoor kinetic wind sculptures since 1984.

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Paul D. McCormick

”Untitled” is a hollow steel sculpture by Paul D. McCormick a former Southern Illinois University student that was selected and purchased by the graduating class of 1993. The selection was part of a student competition.

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Nicholas Vergette

Nicholas Vergette was a British potter and sculptor trained in Europe at Central School of Art and Design in London. He produced ceramic murals and figurative works for architectural settings during 1950-1960s.

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